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ITV’s Love Your Garden

We are delighted to announce that Thames Hedging will be featured in the upcoming series of ITV’s Love Your Garden!

We were invited by the Love Your Garden Team to assist them on their episodes for the 97-year-old D-Day hero, Jack. At only 21, Jack worked with the DDST team in Normandy to offer vital support for the liberation of France from Nazi Occupation. In December 2018, Jack was awarded the Legion D’Honneur for his bravery and commitment during the liberation. Jean-Claude Lafontaine, the honorary French consul based in Nottingham who presented the award says: "He deserves the highest honour, he's a hero. We would not be here if it wasn't for him." Jack felt incredibly proud while receiving this award especially on the same day he celebrated his 67th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife Margaret.

After the War, like many other soldiers, Jack did his to get back into work. Although Jack was an experienced despatch rider that could map read blind folded, there wasn’t really a need for that skill in Chesterfield. After several jobs he became as an HGV driver for Mothers Pride bread traveling up & down the country.

While delivering bread to local shops he met Margaret who was employed in a grocery shop. It was instant connection and they married in 1951. They had many similar interests including their love of going to dance halls, listening to Jazz and, of course, gardening.

As time has gone on, Jack and Margaret have found working in and maintaining their garden rather difficult. He acts as his wife’s carer as Margaret is incredibly unsteady on her feet. However, these mobility issues haven’t dampened their joint love of gardening and horticulture. Jack created a raised potting shed so he didn’t have to bend quite as far and they love to sit outside in their plastic chairs. Having a garden renovation is going to bring them both incredible joy and Thames Hedging is so proud to be sponsoring the team with our artificial boxwood planting that is going to be used for his mobility scooter shelter.

We’re so excited for our clients to see just how happy this work will make a true British hero and to see just how incredible our artificial planting really is. Helping people make the most of and enjoy their gardens is something we’re really passionate about and we’re thrilled to have done this for the wonderful Jack and Margaret.

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