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Thames Hedging Ltd

Welcome to the top rated exterior & interior design company with a team of real experts in building exclusive modern artificial hedge products.

Thames hedging provides the highest quality artificial hedging and plants to offer our clients the most excellent solutions of well-kept outdoor garden elements. We can create bespoke designs that are appealing alternatives to fencing throughout London.

We are proud to have spent the last few years leading the industry with innovative, high quality artificial hedges and plants in London. Our goal is to manufacture and install beautiful, durable, long lasting, and realistic hedges to meet our clients’ exact specifications. We have a variety of clients including: manufacturers, brand enterprise experts, distributors, whole sellers, retailers, project planners and designers.

Our beautiful artificial hedging and screening can transform a living space or office area into an artificial oasis that brings the outdoors inside and elevates the entire space.

The exquisite pieces are also perfect to add no maintenance greenery to poolside showers, balconies, receptions and front of house areas. In fact, the forest like ambience our products bring have been proven to improve the mental health of employees and generally increase and improve their performance at the workplace.

Our artificial plants and hedges are only of the highest quality and always meet international Standards.

We talk you through all of your options and even provide a bespoke design service. Once you’ve decided on the right solutions for your property, our expert technicians will construct the artificial screenings or hedges at your property. Then you’ll be left with beautiful, green plants that need no maintenance! Say goodbye to tedious pruning and hello to stunning living walls that are stress and hassle free.

We understand how important being green is. This is why we only use premium eco-friendly materials in our manufacturing process.

We are proud to have been featured on and supply to ITV Love Your Garden series 2019 in partnership with SPUN GOLD TV.

We have extensive experience in landscaping projects in London. This expertise allows us to ensure you get the best results possible. We believe in honest communication with our clients so we always listen to your opinions and help you work through your options. At Thames Hedging, your satisfaction is of paramount importance. If you think our artificial hedging and screening would work for you, your home or your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re a professional firm that has built a reputation for being friendly and approachable and our clients know we offer advice and suggestion that they can depend on. See how we can help you today!

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We can transform an ordinary living space or office area into an artificial oasis to help bring the outdoors to your lounge, pool side showers , balcony , mezzanine, reception or front of house areas and time out areas at the office. These ambience of forest like rooms have been proven to improve mental health with employees and increases performance at the workplace.

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Thames Hedging Ltd has been leading the industry with innovative, high quality artificial hedges and plants. Our common goal is manufacturing the most durable, long-lasting, and realistic hedges to meet the market and our customers demands. We welcome any types of clients, manufacturer, brand enterprise, distributor, wholeseller, retailers, project planner or designer, we are featured on and supplier to iTV Love Your Garden series 2019 and in partnership with SPUN GOLD TV.


Creativity and Innovation

International Standard artificial hedge & plants, Premium eco-friendly materials are used for production,Periodical catalogue update, and personalized customized products design.

How it works?

Let us know what design or product you would like and our team will work with you to create your bespoke hedge or living wall feature