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Is it Possible to get Beauty and Privacy without the Hassle of Real Hedges?

Privacy is priceless from both an aesthetic and a security perspective. At Thames Hedging, we’re committed to bringing our clients incredible artificial hedging in London at a fair and reasonable price.

Manypeople are looking for a way to protect the privacy of their home or their business without unsightly fences or the hassle and the expense that comes with real plants and hedging. As Thames Hedging create completely bespoke solutions for your needs, we ensure there is complete flexibility in the size of an artificial hedge or privacy screen. This means one could be made small enough to simply impinge your view of unsightly objects such as bins. Equally a hedge could be made to surround your property from the view of the prying eyes from people walking past!

Not only will the artificial privacy screen protect your property from people peering in, but it can also help you build and create an aesthetic for your garden or your business that takes almost no maintenance. From living walls to solutions for open plan offices, our hedging is versatile and can be made to your exact specifications that can be installed quickly and instantly transform your space and give you the privacy you need.

If you’re not looking for a complete hedge but still want your balcony to be less visible, window boxes are fantastic for adding a burst of colour, texture and an extra dimension to your property to make it look more attractive while helping your property stay a little bit secluded. Maintaining a garden can be a real chore without adding the extra work of window boxes which are in very awkward places to maintain and water. Artificial hedging is a great, cost effective solution to this maintenance problem. These artificial hedge window boxes can be left to look beautiful all year round without any care or attention.

If you’re struggling to find the right solution to your privacy needs, Thames Hedging can help. We have the expertise and experience to bring businesses and residential clients artificial hedges in London. If you’re not totally sure what your options are or which solution could be right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re friendly, professional and always happy to talk our clients through the solutions available to their home or their business. Our artificial privacy screens are perfect for both interiors and exteriors and we can help you find something that’s right for your property.

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